Monday, February 11, 2008

Gambar Ashraf Muslim Bersama Aweks

Ashraf Muslim


zahaai said...

thehehe.. nice picture but cant to label it as a gossip.
well.. ash.. you are a great actor that malaysian have..

in theater 'patung kertas' and now 'patriot"... you are such a good actor that i ever seen...

continue your spirit and i will support you till end....

p/s: i really like if you can show to your fans how your life being 'kampung boy'

coz for me.. kampung boy or 'bandar boy
were same... right
semoga berjaya ya... assalamualaikum..zahaai

Miss Baby Doraa said...

Anith [18]
singaporeeann . (> <)
Hello Asryaff ,
Anith Here .. Btw Im from Singapore , and i admire you acting (:
Lagi2 Bila u act dlm cerita Dari mata Arisa . Hahas. so sweet seyhhh .. aww haha . i wish i could meet u someday !! but im in singapore u in malaysia so susah nk jumpe my favourite artis! hehe , serius you are hot n romantic . ok till here , here from you soon aites (: taking caire .. stay HOT"" hehe

aida said...

aie abg ashraf.. i aida... your admire... sya minat sgt dengan lakonan abg..salam pekenalan...